All Drifter products are under warranty to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for as long as he or she owns the product.

Should your bag need repair it must be laundered before the bag will be repaired. Please include a check for $9.95 to cover the cost of returning the bag to you.

Each Drifter product is made of the finest quality materials, however, the finest quality materials may wear out with normal use. Repairs due to normal wear, accident, negligence or improper care will be repaired at a reasonable charge.


1. What will we repair?

It is currently our policy to repair anything that goes wrong with any product we manufacture, whether due to normal wear and tear or defect. Zippers, seams, straps, and the material itself. You break it. We fix it. It’s as simple as that.

2. What won’t we repair?

Anything intentionally destroyed or excessively abused, i.e. cut with scissors or burned.

3. What must be done in order to have a bag repaired?

Just wash it, (You can machine wash it, but let it drip dry.) and send it in to the address below with your name, address, phone number, a brief description of what needs to be repaired, and include $9.95 for return shipping.

4. Ship to…

Drifter Bag USA
World Headquarters
6376 Pearl Rd, Parma, Oh. 44130, USA

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